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When former treasurer Tim Cahill was indicted on corruption and fraud charges in April, it was no surprise to many Massachusetts political observers. The state has a history of corruption. In the spring of 2012, the state probation department was under investigation and Sal DiMasi was in the clink — the third House speaker in a row to be disgraced.

So what's the risk for ongoing corruption in the Bay State? WGBH News has released the State Integrity Index, a nationwide investigation by the Center for Public Integrity, Global Integrity and Public Radio International. Over 330 questions, researchers gave Massachusetts a "C" on the initiative's report card  See the complete data for Massachusetts. 

Meanwhile, WGBH listeners and visitors also gave the state their own grade — and it wasn't glowing.

We'll continue to bring you stories on these issues through August.


Attorney General Calls for Change to Open Meeting Law (5/15/12)

The attorney general's move comes as no surprise to those who have followed the State Integrity Investigation, a nationwide look at corruption risk.

tim cahill

Cahill Defends Himself Outside Courthouse (4/4/12)

Former state Treasurer Tim Cahill pleaded not guilty on April 4 to charges that he used public funds to advance his own career. After the session, he said his name would be cleared.

tim cahill

Is the Public Fed Up with Politics as Usual? (4/3/12)

After Tim Cahill's indictment on corruption charges for lottery ads, politicians are saying everyone does it — and some observers say that's the problem.

tim cahill

Former Treasurer Indicted on Corruption Charges (4/2/12)

Attorney General Martha Coakley said in a statement that former Massachusetts treasurer Timothy Cahill has been indicted on public corruption and fraud changes.

report card

Your Take: A Bay State Corruption Report Card (3/26/12)

What grade do YOU think Massachusetts deserves for corruption? Fill out your report card here and share your experiences of corruption in the state.

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Three Former Probation Department Officials Indicted on Fraud (3/23/12)

A former commissioner and two deputies pleaded not guilty to charges of seeking favors in exchange for hiring job applicants sponsored by state lawmakers.

deval patrick

Governor Responds to Corruption Risk Investigation (3/20/12)

The executive branch earned a C-plus on the nationwide State Integrity Initiative, which looked at laws on the books to prevent corruption in government. But Patrick defended his administration, saying staff went above and beyond legal requirements for access to information.

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Massachusetts Earns a C on National Corruption Risk Index (3/19/12)

When you think of Sal DiMasi and his two convicted predecessors, Massachusetts can seem like a hotbed of political intrigue. WGBH News State House reporter Sarah Birnbaum digs into the findings from a nationwide study of corruption risk.

tony soprano

New Jersey as Good-Government Leader? Believe It (3/19/12)

An investigative journalism project concluded that New Jersey led the nation with the toughest government accountability laws and enforcement while Georgia had the dubious distinction of being ranked last.

state house

The Emily Rooney Show: State Integrity (3/19/12)

On today's show, we dig into a five-month, nationwide investigation that looked at everything from public access to information, transparency and lobbying to the strength of ethics rules. With Caitlin Ginley, senior writer at the Center for Public Integrity; Maggie Mulvihill, associate director of the New England Center for Investigative Reporting and Joan Vennochi, Boston Globe columnist.

The State Integrity report card is tabulated from the results of 330 questions. Click on each topic area to see the specific questions and scores pertaining to each.