Bulger Companion Bail Hearing Wraps Up

By WGBH News

Jul. 12, 2011 (Updated July 13, 2011)

BOSTON — A hearing to determine whether the woman who spent 16 years on the run with former Boston crime boss James "Whitey" Bulger should be granted bail continued into its second day on Wendesday.

At the hearing on Monday, the prosecution presented an extensive slate of evidence they said showed that Catherine Greig, who is charged with harboring a fugutive, was a willing companion who changed her identity, made clandestine phone calls and moved from place to place during years on the run.

This courtroom sketch depicts Catherine Greig, second from right, during a hearing before Magistrate Judge Jennifer Boal, right, in a federal courtroom in Boston on Monday. Her attorney, Kevin Reddington, second from left, and her sister Margaret McCusker, left, also are depicted. (AP)

In doing so, they revealed a number of previously unknown details about Bulger and Greig's time on the lam. Prosecutors said both of Bulger's brothers, including ex-Senate President Billy Bulger, kept safe deposit boxes under his name; they also said Bulger and Greig spoke to Greig's twin sister, Margaret McCusker while they were on the run.

Defense lawyer John Cunha, a longtime observer of the case, said the prosecution was trying to show their case against Greig was strong enough that it could potentially compel her to flee — and that she might have help from her and Bulger's family members if they did.

Prosecutors also presented 13 separate fake identities for both Greig and Bulger, used by the couple during their years in hiding.

A magistrate judge is scheduled to hear Wednesday from Greig's lawyer, who is expected to argue for her release on bail.

The judge may also hear from family members of some of Bulger's alleged victims.

The couple was captured in California last month. Bulger is charged in connection with 19 murders.

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