Capuano: 'Where Is The Compromise?'


Dec. 8, 2010

BOSTON -- Rep. Michael Capuano is criticizing President Obama for what he says was the failure to play hardball with Congressional Republicans on a tax deal announced Tuesday.

In the deal, the White House agreed to temporarily extend all Bush-era tax cuts -- even those for the wealthiest Americans -- in exchange for an extension of unemployment benefits. But Capuano says the package just gave too much away.

"When I go in to buy a car, I don't just give them the sticker price," Capuano told WGBH's Emily Rooney before the president's Tuesday address. "It may end up being what I have to pay, but at least I try to negotiate. Most of us do not feel as though the president really tried to negotiate."

On top of the tax cut extensions, which the president said was necessary to prevent taxes rising for all Americans, the deal also included Democratic concessions on the estate tax and a payroll tax cut. "Why do you have to throw these things on top of an already costly program?" asked Capuano.

"This was worthy of a massive, bloody fight," Capuano added.

Capuano said he's still deciding whether or not he'll vote to support the package.

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