Court Won't Dismiss Any Charges Against DiMasi

By Sarah Birnbaum

Jan 31, 2011

BOSTON — When former Massachusetts House Speaker Sal DiMasi goes to court next April, he's facing the full list of charges brought against him. That's the decision a U.S. district court judge handed down last Friday, deflating DiMasi's hopes that some parts of the corruption case against him would be dismissed.

DiMasi’s lawyer, Thomas Kiley, says his client is ready to face the jury.

"Nobody ever wants to be charged with the crime. But most people who are charged with a crime, where they think they have committed none, are anxious for the opportunity to state their position and defend themselves.  And that’s certainly where Speaker DiMasi is.  He’s anxious to defend," Kiley said.

DiMasi is pleading not guilty to charges that he tried to steer two multi-million dollar state contracts to a software company in Burlington in exchange for cash.

His lawyers tried to reduce the charges against him, counting on a Supreme Court decision in June that limited the scope of the law being used to prosecute DiMasi.

But on Friday, the judge ruled that the indictments would stand despite the Supreme Court Case.

DiMasi and three co-defendants are scheduled to stand trial in April on a slew of charges, including wire and mail fraud, extortion and conspiracy.  If convicted on all counts, DiMasi faces a maximum of 165 years in jail.

The trial is set for April 25th.

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