Cahill Wraps Up Beleaguered Run For Office

By Andrea Smardon

Nov. 3, 2010

Independent candidate for governor Tim Cahill addressed supporters during his concession speech Tuesday night. (Andrea Smardon/WGBH).

BOSTON -- State treasurer and independent candidate for governor Timothy Cahill came in a distant third in poll results on Tuesday's election night, getting just 8 percent of the vote.  As he wrapped up his campaign, Cahill tried to offer a message of hope last night to those who stayed with him until the end.
Tim Cahill’s run for governor has been an uphill climb by any measure. His chief strategists defected along with his running mate, and he has long been fighting the perception that he’s a spoiler for the Baker campaign. So when he addressed his supporters on Tuesday night, he made great pains to reassure them that the fight was worth it.  
“I’ve said from day one that I want to stay in this fight until election day to let the voters decide and they’ve decided, and I accept that decision, although it’s hard for me because I hate to lose. God, I hate to lose! " Cahill said. "But we have not lost.  This is a great state and it will do well over the next four years, and I believe that this state is better because of the fight that we’ve had. “
Cahill said his campaign has helped to keep the race focused on the economy, jobs and the struggles of the middle class.  In his speech, he said he would not give up the fight, but, speaking backstage, Cahill said he didn’t know what his next step will be.  
"Transitioning my office to the next treasurer will be the first order of business that we’ll get back into by the end of this week or early next week, and then we’ll figure it out from there," Cahill said.   
Cahill says one thing he does know – he will not be returning to the Democratic party or joining the Republican party.  He expects to be an independent for the rest of his life.   

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