Cahill Suit Alleges Political Sabotage

By Jess Bidgood

Oct. 7, 2010

Tim Cahill answers questions after a debate at WGBH on Tues., Sept. 21. (WGBH)

BOSTON -- Independent gubernatorial candidate Tim Cahill on Thursday filed a lawsuit against his former top operatives, alleging they conspired with Republicans to topple his campaign.

"It has come to our attention that former members of my staff -- from the consulting firm Strategic National -- intended to use confidential information they obtained while under my employment to benefit my Republican opponent," said Cahill in a statement.

The lawsuit comes after a tumultuous couple of weeks for the Cahill campaign. Cahill's senior advisor, John Weaver, and his campaign manager, Adam Meldrum both resigned from his campaign two weeks ago. Then, in a stunning reversal of loyalties, Cahill's pick for Lieutenant Governor left his campaign and made a high-profile endorsement of Baker.

Presenting a series of emails as evidence, the lawsuit alleges Weaver and Meldrum, as well as two other individuals from Strategic National, forwarded trade secrets and confidential information from the Cahill campaign to the Baker campaign -- and alleges the defendents orchestrated Loscocco's defection while still on Cahill's payroll.

The suit also alleges that the campaign advisor for Republican candidate Charlie Baker and members of the Republican Governor's Association actively solicited information from the defendents.

"Recent events of this race have confirmed the very reason why I left the party system in the first place: Party leaders will go to any length to advance their own interests," read Cahill's statement.

The Baker campaign issued a short statement in response to the lawsuit. "We did not receive any written internal information regarding the Cahill campaign, period, but call on the Treasurer to come clean about improper activities in his campaign rather than trying to cover them up through a lawsuit," wrote campaign spokeswoman Amy Goodrich, in a statement.

In their own statement, the RGA said, "Tim Cahill will do anything to get his name in the papers, even sue his former staff. None of his frivolous stunts have worked so far and neither will this one."

Cahill's suit asks for a restraining order to keep his former strategists from giving confidential information to Baker and the GOP in the race's final weeks.

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