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Searching for stock footage from WGBH productions? Captioning or video description know-how? A state-of-the art studio or event venue? Contact WGBH! Outstanding results for you, and proceeds for us that support the WGBH programs and services enjoyed by millions.


Work in the Studios at WGBH

Experience world-class television facilities in this dramatic, production-ready location. For more information contact Ed Chuk at (617) 300-2354 or Kim Neger at (617) 300-2579.

Edit and Mix at the OutPost at WGBH

Customizable Avid or FCP 7 suites available for short or long-term rental. Call Beth Godlin Lillis for a quote at (617) 300-2213.

Rent our Fraser Performance Studio

Boston’s largest, quietest, and most affordable acoustic music recording studio is here at WGBH — the ideal creative location for artists, record labels, radio, TV, theater, publishers, and businesses seeking superior audio services.

Plan the perfect event

WGBH studios offer the perfect backdrop for your dinners, receptions, and parties — or your screenings, business meetings, and presentations. Interested? Call (617) 300-4200 or email

Find stock footage

License footage from Nova, Frontline, American Experience, and 50 years of WGBH programs.

Make media accessible

Find out about our captioning and descriptive video services, and let us give you a quote. Or let our media access R&D experts help your organization meet the needs of staff, patrons, and customers with disabilities.

Explore Web, DVD, and new-media design

Hire the creators of WGBH's content for and beyond.

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