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Picture your next function in WGBH's striking, elegant, and adaptable spaces!

Whatever your function, we can handle your every need. Ask us about rental rates, technical specifications, and floor plans. WGBH offers a menu of event services, from audio and video to customized lighting to graphic design concept and creation.

And whichever package we tailor for you includes the stellar service of our seasoned events management team, letting you relax and enjoy your function as much as your guests will!

WGBH Venue Rental
Metcalf Lobby

Metcalf Lobby

A chic, high-tech welcome

Modern, sleek, and streamlined, WGBH's 1,340-square-foot Metcalf Lobby creates just the right atmosphere for check-ins and welcomes. Glass and steel mesh with technology to evoke a cutting-edge tone.

All WGBH rental spaces are fully accessible to people with disabilities. Catering and rentals are available from a select list of approved providers. A catering kitchen, staging areas, loading dock, and elegant restrooms are at your disposal.

HD Televisions
Three side-by-side, high-definition monitors—customizable to your event—greet your guests in Metcalf Lobby. Each 40-inch, 1,280- x 720-pixel monitor can be programmed with video or still content that sets the stage for your memorable and distinctive gathering.
Yawkey Atrium

Yawkey Atrium

A soaring space for mingling and more

From Metcalf Lobby, your guests will enter WGBH's 3,560-square-foot atrium, accommodating up to 350 for cocktails or 200 for seated dining.

Receptions, dinners, presentations, drinks...this flexible and stylish space offers dynamic architectural features: 24-foot ceilings, a second-story glass footbridge, the egg-shaped exterior of the adjacent Yawkey Theater, textured metal walls alongside floor-to-ceiling windows.

For the perfect finishing touch, our lighting pros can create just the right atmosphere, using our deep inventory of lighting instruments and an extensive palette of colored gels. We can offer customized lighting patterns, corporate logos, and themed or seasonal graphics.

Yawkey Atrium
Enhancing your event are the atrium's projector screen (16'w x 9'h) and digital projection unit, capable of displaying a variety of sources—including custom graphics for your function. Add to the effect by projecting images onto two huge motorized steel and cement soundstage doors (each 14'h x 12'w) that open to Calderwood Studio.
Yawkey Theater

Yawkey Theater

Luxury meets movie-quality sight and sound

Screenings, presentations, panel discussions, Q&As...WGBH's distinctive, egg-shaped, 200-seat theater, located just off our atrium, will seat your guests in style (with ample legroom).

Our giant projection screen (14'h x 25'w) and high-definition projector will showcase your video content to its best advantage. And the acoustics: 5.1 Surround Sound with Dolby E decoding, enhanced by woven wire cloth stretched along the walls. Plus a variety of available lighting options to heighten the experience.

Yawkey Theater
MoPix® Rear Window® Captioning and DVS Theatrical® technology—invented right here at WGBH (where captioning and descriptive video were born!)—is on hand for your guests with vision or hearing loss. And of course, seats can be configured to accommodate wheelchairs.
Calderwood Studio

Calderwood Studio

Your event, in a behind-the-scenes TV setting

Here's where WGBH really stands out. Welcome your guests inside the studio where many of their public TV favorites are produced. (We're PBS's #1 source of TV programming. Some call us "Hollywood on the Charles.")

Calderwood Studio is the perfect location for dinners, cocktail receptions, performances, screenings, videoconferences, and other gatherings: 4,500 square feet with a 21-foot-high lighting grid, the studio offers unlimited options for lighting, sound, and visual effects—even a customizable floor.

The studio accommodates 400 for cocktails, 240 for a seated meal. Combine Calderwood with Yawkey Atrium to comfortably fit 500-plus for buffet or cocktails.

For more information on renting Calderwood Studio for production purposes, please visit`

Calderwood Studio
Two huge motorized steel and cement sound- stage doors (each 14'h x 12'w) open from the atrium into the studio. Project video or lighting patterns onto the doors to help set the scene, then watch the anticipation mount as the dramatic doorways part to greet your guests.
Fraser Performance Studio

Fraser Performance Studio

Beauty plus broadcast-quality acoustics

Step inside WGBH's Fraser Performance Studio and you know immediately you're in an unusual environment: an intimate setting for recording and a stunning backdrop for your special gathering.

Planned by noted architects and acoustic designers Janson Design Group as a venue for the many live performances produced by WGBH Radio, this one-of-a-kind studio invites you in with its warm wood floor and baffling. The acoustics were designed with three main considerations in mind: isolation, absorption, and diffraction.

Fraser's spacious feel (52 x 34 feet with a 28-foot ceiling) is augmented by a large window that enhances the studio's light and airy atmosphere. An electronic sun screen and blackout shades can create an altogether different mood.

For more information on renting Fraser Performance Studio for production purposes, please visit

Fraser Performance Studio
The multi-purpose Fraser Performance Studio may be used for videotaping, audiotaping, or live performances.

Reno Conference Room

Executive Boardrooms and Terraces

Multi-use spaces—stand-alone or combined

Three inviting spaces on WGBH's third floor provide optimal venues for your board meetings, evening receptions, conferences, or smaller dinners and gatherings. All offer warm maple paneling and floor-to-ceiling windows. Adjacent to the suite of spaces are a catering kitchen and elegant restrooms.

Cahners Boardroom (Top)

  • 1,440-square-foot boardroom
  • Accommodates 34 for sit-down dining, 62 for meetings (with side chairs around the room)
  • Full audiovisual technical services available
  • 10'w x 5.5'h screen
  • Sleek oval maple table (37'l x 9'w)
  • Podium with A/V controls
  • Electronic sun screen and blackout shades


Reno Boardroom (Bottom)

  • 590 square feet
  • Accommodates 22 for sit-down dining, 28 for meetings (with side chairs around the room)
  • Technical services available
  • 10'w x 5.5'h screen
  • Multiple table configurations
  • Maple paneling with hidden white boards
  • Electronic sun screen and blackout shades


For more information, please refer to FAQ and Guidelines or submit a space rental inquiry form.